1,895.00 "inc. Vat"


This EBAC BD150 DEHUMIDIFIER extracts up to 30 litres / 24hrs

  • Model : BD150 (110/240 Volts)
  • Effective for room volumes approx 300 m3
  • Approx Extraction : 30 litres/day
  • Dimensions – (h x w x d) 915mm x 610mm x 692mm
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Dual Voltage 110 or 240 Volts
  • On/Off Control Via Switch
  • Push Button Start
  • Revers Ctycle Defrost
  • Electronic Defrost Timer
  • Refrigerant Type-R134A
  • Large Diameter Wheels
  • Refrigerant Type
  • Free Standing
  • Gravity Drain
  • Cable Wrap
  • Air is drawn into the dehumidifier by means of a fan. The moisture is then condensed from the air and piped away or collected in a container. The dry air is heated with the energy recovered during the drying phase and returned to the room.
  • All units operate economically even on the coldest winter day – and where dampness is really severe
  • To dry out any building you need only to check that all doors and windows are closed, wheel the unit to a convenient location, connect to the supply and press the start button. Drainage of condensate from the machine is equally simple – either by connecting a hose to the drainage spout or leading it to a drain, or by placing a container under the spout.

pdf image for website   Download Data Sheet – Ebac BD150 Dehumidifier

Why Dehumidifiers are so important?

Normal everyday activities such as washing, cooking, bathing, drying laundry and even boiling a kettle, all help to create extra moisture in the home with an average family producing at least 20 pints of moisture every day.

In the past this excess moisture would ‘escape’ through doors and windows or collect on a window as condensation. Homes today, however, act like sealed boxes with double-glazing and draft proofing prohibiting sufficient ventilation.

This, combined with the advent of modern appliances and changing lifestyle patterns, means that excess moisture is now creating an increasing number of problems in the home such as damp, mildew, mould growth and interstitial condensation – all of which are damaging if left untreated.

Such conditions have also been proved to aggravate arthritis, bronchitis and asthma, and provide the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. A dehumidifier removes all of the excess moisture created on a daily basis, allowing us to protect our homes and maintain a healthy living environment….

Please Call us to discuss the ‘HIRE’ of our full range of Industrial Dehumidifiers or Commercial Dehumidifiers to deal with flooding, burst pipes etc.


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