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  • Husqvarna Forest Helmet – Functional

    93.00 "inc. Vat"

    Husqvarna Forest Helmet – Functional 6 point suspension helmet Visor – Adjustable visor  Adjustable hearing protectors vertically. Heraing protectors are adjustable sideways. Stand-by – Hearing protectors adjustable in “Stand-by”. Mesh – Light reduction of the visor is 20% over the whole mesh area. All are CE standard. Product Code: 576 41 24-02 Helmet Functional has a high level of features…

  • Husqvarna Radio Ear Muffs / Ear Defenders

    145.00 "inc. Vat"

    Husqvarna Radio Ear Muffs / Ear Defenders This new hearing protection with FM radio has a new headband that centralises the pressure on the headband, giving less pressure on the ears. It has improved attenuation and improved sound quality. The ear muffs are individually designed for the left and right ear, meaning that they follow…

  • Husqvarna- Brushcutting and Trimmer Trousers 32″ – 40″)

    Husqvarna- Brushcutting and Trimming Trousers Ventilation Features: Ventilation, zippers back of legs Breathability: Excellent Washing Temperature: 40 ° C Available Sizes: 46 – 60 Product Code: 580 68 81 Trousers of extra-treated fabric for professionals. The lower part of the legs are water resistant and have extra reinforcement at the front, as well as pre-bent knees and ventilation…

  • Husqvarna- Forest Jacket – Classic (S-XXL)

    70.00 "inc. Vat"

    Husqvarna- Forest Jacket – Classic Stylish design for occasional outdoor tasks like chopping firewood. Made from high-quality polyester/cotton twill with hi-viz orange panels and reflective logos, and featuring two front pockets and a chest pocket, it helps keep you comfortable and visible while you work Product Code: 582 33 51 xx

  • Husqvarna- Protective Kit (Classic)

    177.00 "inc. Vat"

    This is a pre-packed kit containing the basic protective equipment that is needed when using a chainsaw. Includes chaps with saw protection class 1 ( 20m/s), Functional gloves with saw protection (16m/s) and a Forest helmet Classic. The one size chaps can be used over your regular working trousers.


  • Husqvarna- Protective Trousers (Classic) – Chainsaw Work

    158.00 "inc. Vat"

    Husqvarna- Protective Trousers (Classic) – Chainsaw Work Reliable protection for occasional chainsaw users when chopping firewood or doing other outdoor work. Made from tough polyester/cotton twill. The saw protection pad is reinforced on the lower inside to withstand wear and tear from boots. Saw protection – Yes Approved according to EN – 381 Class – Class 1 (20…

  • Husqvarna- Protective Trousers (Technical) – Chainsaw Work (20A) Short-Long

    353.00 "inc. Vat"

    Husqvarna- Protective Trousers (Technical) – Chainsaw Work Designed for all-day, everyday forest work. Tough construction includes Aramide and Cordura reinforcement. Lightweight, stretch fabrics and tight fit keeps users comfortable and productive, while pre-bent knees plus ventilated pockets and zippers help make every shift truly productive. Saw protection – Yes Approved according to EN – 381 Class – Class…