Ole-mac G 53 TKE 50Y ALLROAD PLUS 4

675.00 "inc. Vat"

50 Year Anniversary Model

  • Deck steel
  • Displacement 196 cm³
  • Cutting width 51 cm


Technical Features

Deck:  steel
Displacement:  196 cm³
Cutting width:  51 cm
Engine make/model:  Emak K 805 OHV
Cutting adjustment: central
Cutting height: from 28 to 75 mm
Grass box capacity: 70 L
Propulsion: self-propelled (3.6 Km/h)
Mulching/Side discharge: standard/standard
Weight: 37.4 kg
User manual:  https://www.myoleo-mac.com/media/filer_public/79/ad/79ad85d0-c101-405a-961b-3a66c193527b/k450-k805_1_b.pdf


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