HUSQVARNA R214TC RIDER Inc. Bio Clip 94cm (HQV engine)

4,695.00 "inc. Vat"

Engine: Briggs & Stratton

cylinders: 2

Engine type: Gasoline

Fuel tank: 12 Liters

Cutting width: 94cm

Turning radius: 30cm


***Unit + 94cm Deck***



Powerful Rider with twin cylinder engine and 94 cm Combi-Clipboard, which offers first haircut with Mulch (s) and rear discharge. Suitable for domestic and farm owners that require particularly high efficiency, ease of use, unparalleled maneuverability and genuine driving pleasure. The articulated steering and front-mounted Clipboard is synonymous with intuitive use, excellent accessibility during mowing and a good view of the work area. This model is equipped with special low noise technology, which offers improved sound quality and thus enables increased power and greater efficiency. Pedal-controlled hydrostatic transmission, easily accessible controls and automatic blade engagement makes mowing a pleasure. The clipboard can easily be tilted up into service position for easy cleaning after mowing. This Rider can be more than just mowing your lawn. Thanks to accessories such. snow blade, trailer, moss rake and spreader can maintain your garden year round.

 ***Unit + 94cm Deck***


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