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  • LED Portable Floor Light 110V

    LED Portable Floor Light  110V Bulb 20Watt 11Volt – 50Hz Diecast Aluminium Housing 8.5ft plug & wire Adjustable Lamp head material : Aluminum Alloy and Toughened Glass IP65  

  • Faithfull LED Task Light 20watt 40 volt macroom tool hire and sales

    LED Task Light – 20 watt – 240volt – Faithfull

    50.00 "inc. Vat"

    LED Task Light – 20 watt – 240volt – Faithfull The Faithfull 20W LED Task Light features a 20W highly efficient SMD LED that provides an extremely bright, glare free 2000 lumen light output – without the high heat output or fire and burn hazards commonly associated with halogen bulbs. Mounted in a heavy-duty, impact,…