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  • Husqvarna- Forest Jacket – Classic (S-XXL)

    70.00 "inc. Vat"

    Husqvarna- Forest Jacket – Classic Stylish design for occasional outdoor tasks like chopping firewood. Made from high-quality polyester/cotton twill with hi-viz orange panels and reflective logos, and featuring two front pockets and a chest pocket, it helps keep you comfortable and visible while you work Product Code: 582 33 51 xx

  • Husqvarna- Protective Kit (Classic)

    177.00 "inc. Vat"

    This is a pre-packed kit containing the basic protective equipment that is needed when using a chainsaw. Includes chaps with saw protection class 1 ( 20m/s), Functional gloves with saw protection (16m/s) and a Forest helmet Classic. The one size chaps can be used over your regular working trousers.


  • Husqvarna- Protective Trousers (Classic) – Chainsaw Work

    158.00 "inc. Vat"

    Husqvarna- Protective Trousers (Classic) – Chainsaw Work Reliable protection for occasional chainsaw users when chopping firewood or doing other outdoor work. Made from tough polyester/cotton twill. The saw protection pad is reinforced on the lower inside to withstand wear and tear from boots. Saw protection – Yes Approved according to EN – 381 Class – Class 1 (20…