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  • Husqvarna Battery Charger – QC330

    135.00 "inc. Vat"

    Husqvarna Battery Charger – QC330 Quick charging unit with active cooling of the batteries and 2-LED status indicator. The QC330 is an effective 330 watt charger unit which makes it easy to keep all of your Husqvarna batteries charged and ready to go when you need them most. The QC330 is compatible with all of Husqvarna’s 36V Li-ion…

  • Husqvarna Battery Charger – QC500

    135.00 "inc. Vat"

    Husqvarna Battery Charger – QC500 Super fast charging. 50% faster than QC330 with BLi300, BLi300C, BLi550X & BLi950X. Active cooling of the batteries. 2-LED status indicator and high power output. Please Note that the Battery not included. Product Code: 967 09 15-02 The Husqvarna QC500 Charger is optimised for fast charging of Husqvarna backpack batteries, plus the…