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    250.00 "inc. Vat"

    LARGE Automower Kit – Suitable for open lawn areas of max 5000 m2 or complex lawn areaa of max 2500 m2.  967 62 36-03


    100.00 "inc. Vat"

    Installation kits that includes Loop Wire, Staples, Splicers and Connectors in different numbers and length, suitable for your garden. Kit Small – Suitable for open lawn areas of max 800 m2 or complex lawn areas of max 400 m2. Kit Medium – Suitable for open lawn areas of max 2000 m2 or complex lawn areas…

  • Dolmar Back Pack MG5300.4 Stroke Leaf Blower

    450.00 "inc. Vat"

    MG5300.4 is a petrol backpack blower equipped with a new 52.5mL 4-stroke engine in compliance with strict exhaust emission regulations.

  • HUSQVARNA 110iL with battery and charger

    289.00 "inc. Vat"
    Battery voltage

    36 V

    Cutting width

    30 cm

    HUSQVARNA 110iL with battery and charger – 970 53 12‑02
    Not included
    Saw blade
    Not included
    Trimmer head
    Grass blade
    Not included
    BLi10, 36V / 2,0Ah
    Battery charger
    Number of batteries included
  • Husqvarna XP Power 2T – 2-Stroke Fuel and Oil (Collection ONLY)

    35.00 "inc. Vat"

    Husqvarna XP® Power 2 Advanced 2-stroke alkylate fuel mixed with 2% Husqvarna XP® 2-stroke oil, formulated for Husqvarna products. Exceptional cleanliness and lubricity ensures long-term durability under the toughest working conditions, allowing your Husqvarna machine to deliver its full potential. Alkylate fuel formula, mixed with fully synthetic, biodegradable oil, results in less harmful exhaust emissions than regular fuels – creating a healthier working environment for improved productivity. Features VEF – Verified Engine Formula. A Husqvarna verification program that secures long time durability of Husqvarna engines.