Jefferson Space Heater

Jefferson Space Heater – Inferno 150

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When an Inferno Space Heater is switched on air flow causes fuel to be drawn from the tank.  The fuel and air mix is then sprayed into the combustion chamber.  This fast flowing air sucks the heat stream out of the combustion chamber, providing the required heat.  The heat output is governed by the compressor –  the higher the air pressure, the hotter the flame.

Product Description



Input Power – 230V
Thermal Output – 150,000BTU / 44kW
Pump Pressure – 5 psi
Fuel Tank Capacity – 49 Litres
Max Fuel Consumption – 4.2 L/hr
Endurance – Approx. 12 Hours
Fuel Type – Diesel/Kerosene/Paraffin
Dry Weight – 27kg
Dimensions LxWxH – 1062 x 624 x 664mm




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