bosch gbs 18

BOSCH GSB 18V-EC DRILL. 2 Battery Option

€425.00 €325.00 "inc. Vat"

Product Description


18volt Bosch Drill including 2x4Ah battery = €325 inc.vat.

* 3 Year Warranty
* Battery Charger
* Steel Chuck 13.5mm
* Brushless Motor.  

The Bosch GSB18V-EC Brushless Combi Drill is a lightweight, compact combi drill that offers superb control coupled with maximum torque. Thanks to its new all-metal chuck and brushless EC motor, the Bosch GSB18V-EC Brushless Combi Drill can deliver the results expected from a professional tradesman; 30% increased run time, maintenance free handling and a lifetime double that of a tool with a conventional DC motor.

Now featuring KickBack Control, this innovatative feature helps to protect your wrists and arms from injury by limiting the rotary moment of the tool when a ‘kickback’ occurs; unexpected jamming of the tool which creates a sudden force which tries to rotate the tool against the you.



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