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If you’re looking for a compact and versatile solution for your construction area, take a look at this great new JCB, the latest addition to our tool hire range at Macroom Tool Hire and Sales.

For a powerful engine that can tackle all your projects with ease, you can’t beat the 1 Tonne Mini Digger JCB. It’s ideal for smaller construction areas or gardens, and is easy to move around in more restricted areas. At only 7ft 7 inches high and 8ft 9 inches long, it can dig to a depth of 5ft 6 inches and is a powerful and reliable model.

Benefits of Mini Diggers

  1. Easy to use. Mini excavators are very easy to use, even if you’re used to much larger machinery or have not worked with a digger before.
  1. Mini diggers can easily negotiate small spaces, move through narrow gateways and move around in corners or yards.
  1. Less noise. Mini diggers are much quieter than larger diggers, so you can use them without worrying that they are disturbing the peace.
  1. Less damage. Large machines often tend to grind or scrape the surfaces they cross, but the rubber tracks on mini diggers are much less damaging.
  1. Full turning ability. Mini diggers are able to be extremely flexible with their load dumping since they can swing into a 360-degree angle.
  1. Save on permits. Mini excavators are light and easy to use, and can save you money on commercial driving licenses or special permits for hauling on the highway. These can be useful costs to cut if you’re running a business or working on your own home.
  1. Easy to transport. Mini diggers can be easily transported in the back of a small truck or on a trailer, so you don’t need to worry about moving heavy machinery on public highways.

Hire or Buy Building Tools and Equipment in Ireland

Visit Macroom Tool Hire and Sales for everything you need for all your building and DIY projects. Whether you’re running a business or simply doing a spot of home improvement, we have a great range of products for sale or hire. Our expert staff can help you to choose the right equipment for your needs and our prices are always competitive. Call in to Macroom, near Cork, browse online or call us on 026 42133 today.

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