Spring Is Near……

Spring is on its way at last.

No time like the present to get your gardening tool’s ready & those green fingers out.

Here is some cheap and easy gardening tips.

  • Bury your banana peels under your rose bushes; they love the potassium. No need to dig down and bury them deep. I just wipe away a little dirt and leaves, throw down the peel, and then cover it back up with the detritus I’d pushed aside.
  • Use your coffee grounds to feed your plants, especially nitrogen-loving ones like camellias, hydrangeas, and roses. Not only will you have healthier plants you’ll also save money on fertilizer.
  • Tea bags can be used like coffee grounds. Bury them whole, cut them open and sprinkle them onto your soil, or use them intact to line the top of potted plants just under the soil to help retain moisture and give them an energy boost.
  • Copper tape wrapped around the rim of any pot or used on a border at ground level will keep slugs and snails at bay.
  • To prevent cutworm and caterpillar attacks, place a newspaper or cardboard collar around the stems of tender transplants.

Gardening is fun and can be really simple. If you like salads, plant a small bed of lettuce. If you love flowers, then plant an abundance of them in all the nooks and crannies of your yard. Or rip up your lawn and plant a veritable feast for your family and friends. And a garden costs less to maintain than a grass lawn and helps you save money on groceries.

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