To Buy it or to Hire it? That is the Question!

Before you buy your next ‘tool’…. ask yourself: do I really need to buy that drill? I am not saying that you won’t use the tools but perhaps you don’t actually need to buy it? Unless you’re a professional in the field, chances are that you will be losing a lot of money by buying equipment rather than […]

Pressure Washers on the Farm

It is essential to keep your farm equipment scrupulously clean to avoid infection and hygiene problems. Pressure washing is the quickest and most efficient way to ensure you get hygienic and reliable results every time and here, at Macroom Tool Hire, we have a wide range of pressure washers to suit your needs – whatever […]


Strimmers, are one of the most useful tools in a gardener’s repertoire. Crucial for creating a neat edge to a lawn after it has been mowed or trimming hard-to-reach areas. When buying a strimmer, we, at Macroom Tool Hire and Sales, believe there are three main things to consider. The size of your garden will affect what cutting width you need: […]

Wallpaper Remover

Sooner rather than later as part of your home DIY you will most likely find yourself having to strip wallpaper from the walls of a room.  This used to be a labour intensive and time consuming job, but now electric wallpaper strippers do the work in half the time. The machine produces steam like a kettle, which goes through a hose […]

Roll Up, Roll Up ** New to Hire Fleet **

JCB TANDEM VIBRATING ROLLER – 1.7 tonne Thanks to excellent manoeuvrability and a compact design, the VMT 160-90 compaction roller is ideal for a wide range of workplaces, including yards, access roads, residential streets, car parks, roads, highways and airports.   VMT160-90 Fixed Engine: 17 kW (23hp) Kubota D1005 diesel engine Folding ROPS frame Working lights 125L water […]

‘Lift and Shift’ The Safe Way

Whether you are moving tonnes of building materials or transporting a small amount of garden rubbish, it is vital that your lifting and shifting tasks are carried out safely. Using the correct equipment and following instructions carefully will be essential if you are to avoid injury or damage to property and you should always ensure […]

Buying the Right Drill for Your DIY Needs

Whether you’re a DIY pro or a complete beginner, you will find that it is extremely important to choose the right tools for the task you are working on. Exploring the options before you hire or buy tools is vital to ensure you can begin – and finish – the job efficiently. With a multi-purpose […]