Luscious Lawns: Perfect Lawns Made Easy

Whether you love the wild look or you’re a fan of regulation stripes, caring for your lawn is a thorny area for most keen gardeners. To re-seed or not to re-seed? That is the question… Well, it’s just one of the questions! Raking, aerating and mowing are also controversial subjects when you’re on a mission […]

Working At Height: Keeping Yourself Safe on Scaffolds

Whether you’re an experienced professional or a keen amateur, there may be many occasions when you’re working or carrying out DIY projects and you need to work at height. Working on ladders or with scaffolding can be difficult and dangerous – falls from ladders account for a high percentage of DIY-related accidents each year – […]

Carpentry Made Easy With Tools You Can Rely On

There’s nothing so rewarding as creating beautiful things with your hands. Seeing your home and garden made complete with projects you’ve finished will make you feel great and whether you are a master carpenter or a determined amateur, you’ll want tools you can rely on to carry out any job to a high standard. Here […]

Backyard Games: Our Favourite DIY Garden Projects

The sun is shining and there’s no better time to flex your DIY muscles and surprise the kids with an exciting new project in the garden. There are thousands of fantastic project ideas online so you can be sure you’ll find the perfect thing to match your space, your tastes and your DIY skills! Getting […]

Rotavating: The Best Way to Clear Your Plot

Have you just taken on an unloved allotment? Do you want to grow vegetables in a neglected corner of your garden? If you’re hoping to create a fertile growing space, the first step is to hire a rotavator to break up the ground and prepare it for planting. Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the […]

The Automower: A New Generation Machine!

Introducing…the Automower! This compact machine is an absolute game changer, allowing you to keep control of your lawn all year round without having to lift a finger! You’ll never have to worry about getting the lawn mowed before your guests arrive again and returning from holiday to an overgrown jungle will be a thing of […]

Build Your Dreams With Husqvarna

Husqvarna is a brand with a vision, providing you with everything you need to transform your house and garden. Whatever the project, Husqvarna tools and equipment are a cut above the rest and when you see the quality for yourself, you’ll never use another brand again! Here at Macroom, we love Husqvarna tools and machinery […]

Get Your Garden Ready for Summer

It’s summertime at last and we’re looking forward to getting outside and enjoying the garden. Most of us, though, don’t spend much time out there until the sun comes out and then we wish we’d prepared earlier to make it feel more like a peaceful haven than an overgrown dumping ground! Relaxing with a bbq […]